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This family business was established in 1995 and since then we have been dedicated to quality products and services.
We have a well maintained fleet of various loading trucks, licensed drivers and qualified machinery operators 

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Organic Compost

Mushroom compost is a type of slow-release, organic plant fertilizer. The compost is made by mushroom growers using organic materials such as hay, straw, corn cobs etc.

Since the mushroom growing process varies between individual growers, mushroom compost may differ here and there. For instance, additional materials like gypsum, peat moss, lime, soybean meal, and various other organic items may be added to the compost as well. Once the mushroom spawn are mixed into the compost, it is steam pasteurized to kill weed seeds and any other harmful agents. 

A mixed layer of sphagnum moss and lime is top dressed onto the top of the pile for the growth of mushrooms. Mushroom composting takes about three to four weeks to process, during which it is monitored closely by mushroom growers to maintain adequate temperatures.

After the process is complete, the leftover compost is disposed of and sold as fertilizer. There are several uses for mushroom compost. It can be used as soil amendment for lawns, gardens, and container plants. It enriches the soil and supplies nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.

Mushroom compost also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil, which decreases your watering needs. Mushroom compost is suitable for most garden plants. It supports various types of plant growth, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. To get the greatest results when organic gardening with mushroom compost, thoroughly mix it in with the garden soil prior to planting or allow it to sit over winter and apply in spring.

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